China Good quality Differential Gears with Good quality

At the heart of the differential is a set of 4 differential gears, also known as bevel gears: Two side gears that connect to the left and right axles and 2 pinions that transmit torque between the side gears.

The Forged PM technology enables smaller, high-efficiency differentials with weight savings and superior material performance, especially for eDrive gearboxes and for eDrive AWD power transfer units.


  • Highest torque capacity gears
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • Higher load carrying capability
  • Net shape forged PM gear profile, spline, and retaining groove.

A differential is a gear unit that takes input speed from the transmission and converts it to a direction and RPM that the drive wheels may use. Modern differential gear is typically composed of a hypoid set coupled to a side (bevel) gear, which engages a differential (bevel) gear and an opposite side bevel gear.

The differential pinion provides additional reduction and allows the opposite axle to become engaged. For a typical differential, the outer wheel rotates faster than the inner wheel when navigating a turn. This is necessary to cover the extra distance the outer wheel encounters during the same period as the inner wheel.

There are typically 3 types of differential gears:

  • Open (as shown above)
  • Limited slip contains a clutch allowing power to shift between the left and right side of the same axle when the drive wheel slips.
  • Torque Vectoring – the newest differential design, featuring electronic controls and sensors to direct power to the wheel(s) with traction.

All 3 types of differentials are found in today’s mobile and heavy-duty equipment market.