China Good quality Single Drum Chain Grate of Biomass Steam Boiler with Great quality

Product Description

Single drum horizontal chain grate package chain grate biomass boiler is ideal for forming biomass gasoline, purify coal gasoline and biomass&coal fuel. There is an economizer at the tail of boiler. The exhaust ash and slag can be immediately utilized as farmyard manure. It truly is an energy-saving and substantial-effective item, which affiliated with induced&blower draft enthusiast and some other complete auxiliary equipments.


one. The drum tummy stay away from currently being immediately radiated by hearth by connecting the 2 sides headers with CZPT and then LED to the drum base with the thermal insulation and grow to be boiler heater heating surface. It successfully solutes the issue of large temperature radiation with the new CZPT composition and keeping away from the defection of boiler bumps.

two. The thumb flue tends to make the fuel into the entrance smoke box and be same with the temperature of the previous pipe plates. It stops the cracks from the strain.

three. Inside of the boiler there is a solitary return thumb flue which strengthen heating transfer effective and at the same time the thumb flue has the vehicle-cleansing purpose which avoids dust accumulation.

4. There is a drinking water-cooling wall as the supporting the total pouring structure in 10t/h severe boiler which varieties the long term arch. The arch style use the most recent analysis of the National Engineering Pioneering award of HangZhou Transportation College, which is suitable for the ignition of inferior coal.

5. The boiler grate aspect seal composition is superior and suitable, which avoids the uneven defection that might melt away the seal.

six. There is an unbiased wind chamber that successfully avoids the secondary burn up transformation and grate air leakage.

Operating basic principle: The 2 facet drinking water-cooling wall, furnace, convection flue, one return thumb flue pipe inside the boiler and the iron casting economizer at the tail represent the virtually ideal construction makes the boiler operate efficiently.


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China Good quality Single Drum Chain Grate of Biomass Steam Boiler     with Great quality