China Manufacturer Semi Coke Hard Foundry Coke for Steel Casting

China Manufacturer Semi Coke  Hard Foundry Coke for Steel Casting

CZPTg Group Materials Semi Coke

As an independent commodity buying and selling property with active pursuits in mine functions and creation amenities, CZPTg Team is a manufacturer, marketer and trader that provides innovative items and semi-coke bulk source chain remedies CZPT. CZPTg Group tends to make trade much better and provides benefit to the supply chain activities. We manufacture and supply competitively priced on-spec semi coke products for shipping to our industrial customers. We lookup much and broad to protected long-time period cost-successful materials. Our main skills lies in our worldwide generating and source foundation managed by our experts of investing operations throughout five continents. We are also ready to source from areas exactly where source is abundant and ship them to exactly where they are necessary. We provide our associate producers closer to the worldwide industry which includes creating their value globally aggressive. We deliver shipments to our clients favored locations, guaranteeing the grading criteria and quality thresholds. Our business chain model passes on all price positive aspects to our brokers and end users.

Source: to any bulk port terminal with coke handling and storage facility

CZPTg Ability to supply every year: 500,000+ metric tons each year

Marketplaces: Asia, CZPTpe ,Africa, South America and CZPTia.

Introduction of CZPTg-produced Semi Coke

CZPTg-created Semi-coke is light-weight black, characterized by large fixed carbon, substantial specific resistance, higher chemical activity, low ash articles, reduced sulfur and Reduced phosphorus. It is wildly utilized to these kinds of industries as chemical sector, metallurgic business, and gas- generating market to make calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, silicomanganese, fertilizer, and so on. Semi coke is created from higher quality Jurassic coal as a new sort of carbon content. It willsubstitute some metallurgical coke in producing ferroalloys products. Our semi coke can be used in smelting also.

Semi Coke Merchandise Application

Our semi coke powder is employed in blast furnace as an alternative of coal injection in steel-producing.

-6mm semi coke is generally utilized for sintering Mn ore in procedure of manufacturing SiMn or utilizing in other sinter mill.

6-18mm semi coke is normally utilised in creating Ferronickel , Ferrosilicon ,Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloy.

CZPTg Semi Coke Center Content Specification Parameters

Size    18-30mm
Fixed Carbon   ≥83%
Ash  ≤8%  
Sulphur   ≤ .forty%-.50%
Moisture      10-15%     
Phosphorus    ≤0.012%
w(k+Na)     ≤0.2%

Advantage of semi coke in creation of Ferro-alloy smelting

Higher fixed carbon (eighty four% min)

Minimal ash (nine% max)

Low Phosphorus (.03% max)

Lower Sulfur (.four%max)

substantial specific resistance

higher chemical activity

Substantial conductivity to reduced the electric powered power

Lessen pollution

Specific Notes for employing CZPTg semi coke

1. The peak and diameter of the chimney have to be ensured, and the chimney interface and the chimney alone should not leak (the chimney is as well low or too slim will cause the heating furnace to not burn off normally, seal the fire and extinguish the fire, etc.).

two. Adjust the size of the air inlet on the dust removing doorway according to the situation when sealing the furnace, to prevent the scenario that the hearth can not be sealed or extinguished when the furnace is sealed.

3. If a chimney hat is added, the hat need to be much more than 50 cm away from the mouth of the chimney.

China Manufacturer Semi Coke  Hard Foundry Coke for Steel Casting