Ep Conveyor Belt China Supplier

Ep Conveyor Belt China Supplier

We have a lot of sorts of rubber conveyor belts&period of time Normal kinds and particular makes use of&comma the subsequent is the introduce of Our products&comma but it is not total&comma anything welcome to make contact with us&period
one&comma CC&solNN&solEP conveyor belt
two&comma Steel Cord conveyor belt
3&comma PVC&solPVG conveyor belt
4&comma Particular conveyor belt
five&comma Chevron conveyor belt

CC coveyor belt &lparCotton conveyor belt&rpar
GB&solT7984-2001 idt CZPT&colon2000 standard&time period
It employs multi-layer cotton canvas or terylene cotton canvas as carcass and concluded via the 
procedures of calendering&comma firming and vulcanizing&comma and so forth&period
Cotton canvas type and terylene cotton canvas kind&comma there are also some varieties of cold resistance
Item Specification&colon

Fabric Framework Material material No&period of cloth plies Width
Cover thickness
Warp Weft Best Bottom
Cotton Vanvas Cotton Cotton three-12 three hundred-2000 1-300 two&period0-12 1&period0-five&period0
Terylene Cotton Canvas Terylene
Cotton 3-twelve 300-2000 one-300 2&period0-12 one&period0-five&period0
Notice&colon Belt Cover thickness&comma fabric ply and duration can be created on consumers ask for&period

Adhesive Power In between Fabric Plies

Item In between fabric Cover in between Carcass
Include thickness
Protect thickness
Ave of all check pieces&comma N&solmm&geq 3&period2 two&period1 two&period7
Peak Min&time period of all take a look at parts&comma N&solmm&geq two&period7 one&period6 two&period2
Notice&colon Peak Max&time period of all check items &equals20N&solMM

NN conveyor belt &lparNylon conveyor belt&rpar
GB&solT 7984-2001&comma DIN22102&comma BS490&comma AS1332&comma RMA&comma JISK6322&comma SABS1173 and so forth
In addition to CZPT-used Nylon Belt&comma there are Fire-resistant kind&comma Cold-resistant
kind&comma Dress in-resistant sort&comma Heat-resistant variety&comma Acid and alkaline resistant kind&comma 
Oil-resistant variety&comma Antistatic electrical energy variety&commaHigh-grade kind and etc&period

Cloth Substance
Cloth composition
Cloth code

No&periodof material plies

Protect thickness mm  
Warp  Weft  
 Top  Bottom  
Nylon Canvas Nylon Nylon NN100 2-ten 350-2000 1-300 two&period0-twelve one&period0-5&period0  
NN150 two-10 350-2000 1-300 2&period0-12 1&period0-5&period0  
NN200 two-10 350-2000 1-300 2&period0-twelve 1&period0-5&period0  
NN250 two-10 350-2000 1-three hundred two&period0-twelve one&period0-5&period0  
NN300 two-six 350-2000 1-three hundred 2&period0-12 one&period0-5&period0  
NN400 two-six 350-2000 1-300 2&period0-twelve 1&period0-five&period0  
NN500 two-six 350-2000 one-three hundred two&period0-twelve 1&period0-five&period0  
NN600 2-four 350-2000 1-300 two&period0-12 1&period0-five&period0  
Note&colon Belt Cover thickness&comma cloth ply and size can be created on consumers request&interval  

  Adhesive Toughness Amongst Fabric Plies

Among cloth
 Cover in between Carcass
 Cover thickness
 Cover thickness
 Ave of all check parts&comma N&solmm&geq  4&period5  3&period2  3&period5
 Peak Min&period of all take a look at items&comma N&solmm&geq 3&period9  2&period4  2&period9
 Note&colon Peak Max&period of all test pieces &equals20N&solMM

EP conveyor belt &lpar polyester conveyor belt&rpar is stuck with each other in sequence by many parts of polyester sailcloth&comma which is protected by rubber and plastic owning very good good quality rubber protect up and down and great elasticity&period 

Cloth Materials Fabric construction Cloth code No&periodof material plies Width
Include thickness mm  
Warp Weft  
Best Bottom  
Polyester canvas Polyester Nylon of
EP100 2-ten 350-2000 ten-400 2-twelve 1-5    
EP150 2-ten 350-2000 10-four hundred two-twelve one-five    
EP200 two-10 350-2000 10-four hundred 2-12 1-5    
EP250 2-10 350-2000 ten-400 2-12 one-5    
EP300 2-six 350-2000 10-400 2-twelve one-5    
EP400 2-6 350-2000 ten-four hundred 2-twelve one-5    
EP500 2-6 350-2000 ten-400 2-12 1-five    
EP600 two-4 350-2000 10-four hundred 2-12      

CZPTmmendminimum roller diameter &lparfor reference only&rpar

Material type CZPTmmend least roller diameter &lparfor reference only&rpar
2&solpiles three&solpiles four&solpiles five&solpiles six&solpiles 7&solpiles eight&solpiles
EP100 250 four hundred five hundred 630 800 800 one thousand
EP150 315 four hundred 630 800 800 1000 1250
EP200 315 five hundred 630 800 a thousand a thousand 1250
EP250 four hundred five hundred 800 a thousand a thousand 1250 1400
EP300 four hundred 630 800 one thousand 1250 1250 1400
EP400 five hundred 630 a thousand 1250 1250 1600 &lowbar&lowbar

Ep Conveyor Belt China Supplier