Nlt 5t 12m Wire Rope Electric Hoist with Electric Trolley Double-Rail Crab

Nlt 5t 12m Wire Rope Electric Hoist with Electric Trolley Double-Rail Crab

NL Kind Wire Rope CZPT CZPT:
A new era CZPT CZPT which fabricated according to ISO,GB,FEM,DIN,BS specifications

1. Autonomous and Controllable Layout Principle of Main Engineering
Cooperate with major university study institutes to produce main spare part, and can realize the unbiased generation of core spare element, so as to achieve controllable product quality and controllable building period of time.

Autonomous and controllable of main spare component:

– Motor (Structural Style and Electromagnetic Calculation of Motor):
a) Electromagnetic Design and style
b) CZPT Existence Calculation
c) Pressure Evaluation of Spindle
d) Air flow and warmth dissipation design and style

– Reducer (Construction Design and style of Reducer):
a) 8 Types of Driving Devices
b) Light-weight Alloy Shell
c) Minimal Carbon Alloy Solid Steel, Grinding Engineering
d) Higher good quality seals, hefty obligation industrial gear oil

– ASW Anti-swing system (The 3rd Generation Anti-Swing Manage Technique):
a) Operate update: It can exchange PLC to comprehend logic control and electrical anti-swing perform
b) Higher Matching: No Restriction on inverter brand
c) Price gain: Preserving interaction cards and lines

– Built-in controller:
a) Fault Info Screen
b) Voltage and Existing Safety
c) Overload defense operate
d) Travelling report Perform
e) Logic Manage Function
f) Real-time monitoring perform
g) Anti-swing purpose
h)Anti skewed and inclined lifting
i) Large Data Conversation

– Frequency:
a) For crane use only: It owns the functions as follows: small quantity, small power and substantial price functionality
b) Substantial help overall performance: It can assist open-loop vector manage and V/F handle, the starting up torque is huge
c) Unique Manage Perform: Geared up with particular brake control operate of crane driving system
d) Wide range of applications: It can be commonly used in driving and controlling occasions these kinds of as the lifting, translation and rotation of lifting products

Independent Creation of Core Components Advantages:
a) Good quality Assurance
b) CZPTized Design
c) Fabrication Time Guarantee
d) Soon after-revenue Assure

2. Modular style concept
NR CZPT CZPT with modular framework can entirely fulfill your requirements which owns unprecedented adaptability and can give you with perfect answers for personalized needs.

Modular Style:
a) Motor Module
b) Reducer Module
c) Drum Group Module
d) Wheel Group Module

three. CZPT and distant operation and maintenance layout idea

CZPT protection monitoring program has the gain as follows:
a) Calculating the remaining security cycle of lifting system
b) Brake protection procedure time
c) Accumulated starts moments of hoisting and travelling
d) CZPTrds the load tonnage
e) Overload security, prohibit end users from unlawful overloading functions
f) Actual-time checking of crane’s running Power Supply
g) Motor overheat protection
h) Extensible wireless entry position, it can entry to user’s large info middle monitoring management, so as to realize remote procedure and maintenance

A new generation of protection checking method:
a) Far more precise recording of program data: timing and counting can be exact to seconds, and true-time queries can also be understood
b) Black Box Perform which can report the malfunctions and functions
c) Much more extensive monitoring: it can check peripheral products and electrical power offer situation
d) Multi-channel checking signal access: crane problem, fault class analysis
e) Instantaneous Messaging Operate which owns the features as follows: practical networking and remote information transmission
f) Much more thorough output this sort of as: procedure output, fault output, well timed alarming
g) Working Interface: Each in Chinese-English Language, Real-time Clock

4. Lower headroom and compact layout idea
All series CZPT CZPT are equipped with big diameter drum, which can effectively increase the lifting top and decrease the still left and appropriate limitations. Crane’s dead zone when working turns into smaller, which can give more substantial utilizing room for the customers.

a) Bigger diameter drum
b) More substantial winding rope capability
c) Higher lifting height

Comparison of the duration of Traditional and New Variety CZPT CZPT with the same lifting peak, NR Sort CZPT CZPT

five. Design principle of Servicing-free, energy-preserving and Inexperienced

Integral framework of Gear motor: Compact construction/Decrease the deadweight/Reduce sound
a) The motor energy is lowered by thirty% compared with the classic CZPT CZPT
b) By way of the mature application of Variable frequency positioning technology, the work efficiency is improved by more than twenty%
c) The sounds of the whole equipment is beneath 70 decibels
d) The brake pads adopt non-asbestos design and style
e) No metal dust brought on by the slide friction among the Nylon Rope Xihu (West Lake) Dis. and Steel Wire Rope, drum, delivering workers with large cleanness procedure atmosphere
f) The high-precision tough gear reducer has been crammed with worldwide model lubricants before delivery from factory , and there is no need to replace it within the provider cycle of the item
g) Adopt international brand name and maintenance-cost-free metal wire rope
h) Large-toughness Nylon rope guides, adjust from putting on parts to tough components
i) CZPT manufacturer electrical elements, bearings, and pendent controller
j) Electromagnetic disk brake with computerized payment of brake clearance and servicing-totally free perform

6. Rugged and secure design and style idea

a) The whole equipment handed the national standard existence check (1600 several hours)
b) The service life of electrical components is not significantly less than five hundred,000 instances
c) The risk-free use of brake reaching 1 million times
d) The breaking power of the wire rope reaching quality 2160
e) The hook adopts large-energy T-class hook head
f) 10 several years totally free maintenance of speed reducer

NLT collection trolley parameter desk
Work duty Lifting speed
Lifting top
Number of falls Travelling pace
Top of trolley
Hook higher limit
Trolley wheel gauge
Trolley gauge
5 M5 five/.8 ≤ 24 four/one two-twenty five hundred 330 one thousand 1600
ten M5 five/.8 ≤ 24 four/one two-20 605 520 a thousand
16 M5 3.three/.fifty three ≤ sixteen six/one 2-twenty 700 860 1300
sixteen M5 5/.8 ≤ 24 four/one two-20 670 800 1300 2000
20 M5 five/.eight ≤ 24 four/one 2-twenty 670 800 1300
32 M5 three.three/.five ≤ 16 6/one 2-20 750 975 1300
32 M5 five/.eight ≤ 24 eight/2 2-twenty 720 1075 1300
forty M5 five/.8 ≤ 24 eight/two 2-20 720 1075 1300
fifty M5 three.three/.5 ≤ 24 12/two 2-20 770 1100 1400 2500
sixty three M5 two.four/.four ≤ 21 sixteen/2 2-20 770 1100 1400
80 M5 2.4/.4 ≤ 21 16/2 two-20 785 1150 1600


Load classification Typical every day functioning time (hrs)
1 Gentle load: The rated load is hardly ever lifted and often take care of the hundreds four-eight eight-sixteen >16
two Medium load: The rated load is often lifted and the frequency of load handling is medium. two-four 4-8 8-16
3 Hefty load: The rated load is often lifted and the dealing with loads are usually weighty. 1-2 two-four four-eight
four Super hefty load: always dealing with the rated load. .5-one 1-2 2-four
Work duty M5 M6 M7
Pulley ratio Model
two/one four/one six/one eight/one
4/2 eight/2 12/2 sixteen/2
Lifting capability
1 two    
1.twenty five two.five    
one.five three NL1    
2 4    
2.5 5 NL2  
three.two six.three ten    
4 8 twelve.5    
five ten sixteen NL3    
6.three twelve.five 20 twenty five      
8 16 twenty five 32      
ten twenty 32 forty NL4    
12.5 twenty five 40 fifty      
16 32 fifty sixty three      
20 forty sixty three eighty NL5  

Nlt 5t 12m Wire Rope Electric Hoist with Electric Trolley Double-Rail Crab