Refurbishing and Recondition Machine of Steel Cylinder

Refurbishing and Recondition Machine of Steel Cylinder

Steel Cylinder Refurbishing and CZPTnditioning Line


LPG cylinder detection movement chart

Visual appeal inspection–Residual liquid and residual gas detection–Dismounting angle valve–Incinerator incineration–Water presure testing–Shot blasting and rust elimination on steel cylinder surface area–Cylinder spraying and curing–Check out excess weight–set up angle valve–Air tightness check–Vacuuming–Printed term–Warehouseing

one.1 Residual liquid and residual fuel restoration unit
1) Gear configuration: 1 set, which includes a water-ring vacuum pump, a gas-liquid separator, a h2o-sealed tank, 3 12kg cylinder scrap holders (computerized turnover), 3 sets of high-pressure hose (such as scrap gun), pneumatic management method, pipeline and valve technique
2) Cylinder place of residual liquid: three
three) fuel-liquid separator: .35m3, maximum allowable working strain: .7MPa
four) drinking water seal tank: .15m3, greatest allowable functioning force: .9MPa
5) Water-ring vacuum pump: 2SK-three 7.5kw, optimum pumping ability: 3m3/min, functioning fluid movement: eight.3L/min limit vacuum – .097MPa, sounds: 1 meter outside the equipment examination price is not a lot more than 85 dB
six) reverse cycle: < 30s/ times
7) Guarantee that the gasoline-liquid separator and pipeline will not freeze and obstruct in severe cold temperature and influence the regular procedure of the equipment
8) greatest measurement: 4500 x 1500 x 2100 mm (long * width * peak)

one.two-one.3 Loader-unloader of cylinder valve
one) Products configuration: a complete of 2, respectively, a cylinder valve unloader (for 12 kg), a cylinder valve loader (for 12 kg)
two) adopt lifting type.
3) motor energy: the valve unloading device is outfitted with explosion-evidence motor and explosion-evidence switch, and the power is about
4) air supply strain: .five-.8MPa
five) clamping manner: pneumatic clamping
6) operate effectiveness: not less than 100 bottles of /h
seven) the maximum dimensions is 1100 x five hundred x 2300 mm (prolonged * width * height).
eight) to be employed in conjunction with transmission traces

one.4-1.6 metal cylinder incinerator, compelled cooling gadget, desulfurizing and smoke getting rid of system
Principal technical specifications of incinerators
1) Equipments: one set, which includes incinerator physique, burner, fuel provide program (with gas stress reducer and associated valves, pipes, filters, pressure meters, protection venting method), flue gasoline treatment method gear, flue gas chimney, flue fuel, and so forth.
2) Furnace temperature: <650, according to the requirements of the incineration bottle, the temperature collection point should not be less than three temperature measurement and control point should be linked with the fuel supply system to ensure the timely supply of fuel
3) burner: two (liquefied petroleum fuel as fuel supply). The calorific price of the burner ought to meet the prerequisite of the burner. The calorific price of a one burner is 100,000 kcal. The quantity of the burner have to be adequate to meet the necessity of the burner when the organic gasoline is utilized as fuel by itself. Geared up with one gas guns (residual fuel as gas source).
4) automation: the manipulator instantly provides bottles.
five) the incinerator ought to be furnated with refractory resources.
6) Cylinders are despatched out of the incinerator by way of a roller conveyor chain to an on-line cylinder hydraulic testing machine making use of a mixture of normal cooling and sturdy cooling.
seven) the biggest dimension of the incinerator is 14000 * 1200 x 1500mm (prolonged * width * peak).

Major specialized requirements for flue gasoline remedy equipment
one) the treatment ability must be matched with the treatment capacity of the incinerator, which can be increased than the remedy potential of the incinerator.
2) Dust removing, desulfurization and denitrification must be incorporated to take care of the flue fuel (like dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other waste gases) developed in the method of incinerator creation so as to meet up with the nationwide environmental safety requirements Steel cylinder hydrostatic tests machine
1) products configuration: hydraulic press, 6 stations, ideal for 12kg cylinders.
two) air resource pressure: .5-.8MPa
3) hydraulic stress take a look at pressure: three.2MPa
4) the keeping time is 1~2min (adjustable).
five) matching equipment: cylinder drying products

one.nine Shot blasting derusting device
one)Gear configuration: 1 established, including shot blasting chamber, shot blasting gadget, rotating roller and dust purification and recovery system (like initial-class cyclone separation dust, second-course filter main dust), air duct and discharge chimney, and so on.
2) cleaning efficiency: one hundred twenty /h
three) projectile specification: loading volume is about a hundred-180kg
4) projectile intake: only .01kg/
5) the quantity of toss: no significantly less than 2, to guarantee that there are no lifeless ends.
six) sounds: the test price at one meters outdoors the isolation wall of the equipment must not exceed 85 dB.
seven) Outfitted with independent conveying chain and commencing and stopping motor, front and rear equipped with computerized bottle feeder and automated bottle feeder and conveying chain amongst them
eight) the highest dimensions is 5000 x 1500 x 2100 mm (prolonged * width * top).
 CZPT specifications for dust purification and restoration unit
1) the handling capacity need to be matched with the processing capability of shot blasting machine, which can be more substantial than that of shot blasting equipment.
2) Secondary dedusting ought to be adopted, which should consist of cyclone deduster, bag deduster, pulse back blow and impact gear, electric control system, air duct, chimney, etc. 
three) exhaust pipe (cylinder or chimney): peak not less than 15m.

1.ten Completely computerized electrostatic spraying line
Electrostatic spraying pipeline drying channel adopts Bridge gas heating drying channel, the procedure temperature is about a hundred and sixty ~ 220 ~C, automated temperature manage, digital screen. The oven adopts the bridge type “U” form, the outer plate thickness is not significantly less than 1. mm galvanized steel sheet, the thickness of the insulation plate is not significantly less than a hundred and twenty mm, and the chamber insulation plate adopts the plug-in 3-layer split-room construction. The air in the oven passes via the air pipe beneath the circulating enthusiast, and the air enters the air pipe within the oven right after filtering and heating, so that the workpiece is evenly heated.

one.11 Air tightness tester
one) check strain: 2.1MPa
2) cylinder working pressure: .five~.8Mpa
three) air limited test rack: soon after moving into the bottle, it is required to link the fixture and bottle valve routinely for air tightness examination.
four) the maximum size dimension of on-line air tightness screening equipment should not exceed 7m.

1.twelve Cylinder valve check stand
1) the amount of seats on the verify plate is four.
2) air strain for inspection: two.1MPa
three) the optimum measurement is 600 x five hundred x 1100mm (extended * width * peak).

one.thirteen Printing machine
one) meet up with the specifications of monochrome printing printing width: 600 x 400mm
2) perform performance: much more than 120 /h
3) wire mesh and pneumatic swap

one.14-one.eighteen Chain conveyor line and travel program

The simple demands of chain conveyor line incorporate:
one) the conveyor line need to meet up with the needs of 12kg specification steel cylinder.
two) the conveying technique need to be hassle-free for the on-line and offline cylinders.
3) the length of the chain does not incorporate the supporting chain.
5) principal complex indicators:
A) roller conveyor speed: -6m/min (adjustable velocity)
B) width of roller conveyor line: 420mm peak: 300~400mm
C) the highest one level lifting fat of the suspension chain line is not considerably less than 50kg
six) The conveying chain should be set in segments according to the needs of automation, and the segments must be guaranteed to be independently managed and operated. At the same time, it ought to be in a position to function simultaneously with the total conveying line.
seven) The chain for transporting standing cylinders need to be provided with required guardrail, and the height of guardrail ought to guarantee the safety of transporting cylinders.

Driving head and driving motor
one) push manner: CZPT
two) adaptive electrical power provide voltage / frequency: 3 phase 380V/50Hz
3) roller conveyor pace: -4m/min (adjustable velocity)
four) The driving head and the driving motor shall be matched with the conveyor chain established up in sections according to the demands of automation, and the beginning and halting of the working process shall be ensured at any time CZPT detrimental the driving head and the motor.

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Refurbishing and Recondition Machine of Steel Cylinder