China China A Series Roller Chains with Straight Side Plates

Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length Inner plate depth Plate thickness Transverse pitch Ultimate 10sile strength Average 10sile strength Weight per meter
P d1
Lc max h2
Pt Q
Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kN kg/m
  *C35-1 9.525 5.08 4.77 3.58 13.3 14.3 9.00 1.30 7.9/1795 10.8 0.41
C08A-1 C40-1 12.700 7.95 7.85 3.96 16.6 18.8 12.00 1.50 14.1/3273 17.5 0.73
C10A-1 C50-1 15.875 10.16 9.40 5.08 20.7 23.3 15.09 2.03 22.2/5045 29.4 1.23
C12A-1 C60-1 19.050 11.91 12.57 5.94 25.9 28.3 18.0/18.2 2.42 31.8/7227 41.5 1.81/1.83
C16A-1 C80-1 25.400 15.88 15.75 7.92 32.7 36.5 24.00 3.25 56.7/12886 69.4 3.09
C20A-1 C100-1 31.750 19.05 18.90 9.53 40.4 44.7 30.00 4.00 88.5/20114 109.2 4.56
C24A-1 C120-1 38.100 22.23 25.22 11.10 50.3 54.3 35.70 4.80 127.0/28864 156.3 6.86
C28A-1 C140-1 44.450 25.40 25.22 12.70 54.4 59.0 41.00 5.60 172.4/39182 212.0 8.49
C32A-1 C160-1 50.800 28.58 31.55 14.27 64.8 69.6 47.80 6.40 226.8/51545 278.9 11.50
C08A-2 C40-2 12.700 7.95 7.85 3.96 31.0 33.2 12.00 1.50 14.38 28.2/6409 35.9 1.43
C10A-2 C50-2 15.875 10.16 9.40 5.08 38.9 41.4 15.09 2.03 18.11 44.4/10091 58.1 2.42
C12A-2 C60-2 19.050 11.91 12.57 5.94 48.8 51.1 18.0/18.2 2.42 22.78 63.6/14455 82.1 3.58/3.62
C16A-2 C80-2 25.400 15.88 15.75 7.92 62.7 65.8 24.00 3.25 29.29 113.4/25773 141.8 6.12
C20A-2 C100-2 31.750 19.05 18.90 9.53 76.4 80.5 30.00 4.00 35.76 177.0/45717 219.4 9.08
C24A-2 C120-2 38.100 22.23 25.22 11.10 95.8 99.7 35.70 4.80 45.44 254.0/57727 314.9 13.60
C28A-2 C140-2 44.450 25.40 25.22 12.70 103.3 107.9 41.00 5.60 48.87 344.8/78364 427.5 16.86
C32A-2 C160-2 50.800 28.58 31.55 14.27 123.3 128.1 47.80 6.40 58.55 453.6/103091 562.4 22.90
C08A-3 C40-3 12.700 7.95 7.85 3.96 45.4 47.6 12.00 1.50 14.38 42.3/9614 50.0 2.14
C10A-3 C50-3 15.875 10.16 9.40 5.08 57.0 59.5 15.09 2.03 18.11 66.6/15136 77.8 3.62
C12A-3 C60-3 19.050 11.91 12.57 5.94 71.5 73.9 18.0/18.2 2.42 22.78 95.4/21682 111.1 5.36/5.41
C16A-3 C80-3 25.400 15.88 15.75 7.92 91.7 95.1 24.00 3.25 29.29 170.1/38659 198.4 9.10
C20A-3 C100-3 31.750 19.05 18.90 9.53 112.2 116.3 30.00 4.00 35.76 265.5/60341 309.6 13.60
C24A-3 C120-3 38.100 22.23 25.22 11.10 141.4 145.2 35.70 4.80 45.44 381.0/86591 437.2 20.43
C28A-3 C140-3 44.450 25.40 25.22 12.70 152.2 156.8 41.00 5.60 48.87 517.2/117545 593.3 25.23
C32A-3 C160-3 50.800 28.58 31.55 14.27 181.8 186.6 47.80 6.40 58.55 680.4/154636 780.6 34.19

A Collection Roller Chains with Straight Aspect Plates

A series Roller Chain with Straight Aspect Plates are popular in a lot of industries. They can be utilised for many distinct apps, including bottling, automobile washes, citrus processing, packaging, refineries, and seafood processing. This is a transient overview of their principal employs. To get the most out of these chains, pick a chain with straight facet plates in a straight-aspect configuration. Then, check out out the rest of their specs to make sure that they meet your requirements.

At any time-energy is recognized for its exhaustion resistance. The deep squandered link plates improve the chain pitch, which in turn lowers stress and exhaustion. Precision pins are induction hardened to improve chain existence. Pre-stretching guarantees correct part alignment and optional spin riveting will increase website link plate protection. Regardless of whether the application calls for large-velocity apps or light-obligation programs, Ever-electricity has a chain for your wants.

Technical specs of A Series Roller Chains with Straight Side Plates

C-sort roller chain has straight side plates alternatively of figure 8-formed plates and is slightly heavier than the regular sort. Its straight aspect plates improve energy, exhaustion resistance, and functioning daily life. C-type roller chains are generally used in conveyor applications with flat side plates. The chain is available in 2 normal kinds, the ISO British common, and the ANSI double pitch. To establish which type of chain you need, seek the advice of the specs of your conveyor software.


Purposes of Straight Aspect Plate Chains

The C-kind A collection roller chain with straight sides is manufactured to the identical expectations as ANSI common chains. These chains are normally used in conveyor applications and have the identical dimensions as ANSI-regular roller chains. The C-variety style is generally heavier than normal roller chains, but will increase fatigue resistance and operating daily life. It is obtainable in ANSI and ISO British specifications. It is advised that you verify the solution specification to make sure it meets your particular demands.

Straight aspect plate chains are often utilized in bottling, car washing, citrus processing, packaging, and material dealing with apps. They are also generally employed in refineries, poultry processing, and seafood processing. They are fabricated utilizing total-toughness connecting hyperlinks and are obtainable in numerous sizes. They have substantial-10sile power and can stand up to large masses. They can also deal with a broad selection of temperatures and are designed for large-pace operation.

Chains and Sprockets

Aside from roller chains, there are several kinds of chains and sprockets to choose from. Some are slender, other folks are vast, and each has a different pitch diameter and sprocket bore. For instance, chains with large pitch diameters need sprockets with larger enamel than people with smaller roller-pin centers. Eventually, you ought to decide on sprockets that suit the chain and the machine correctly.

Each sorts of chains and sprockets are very dependable and durable merchandise. A metal end is widespread. They can be sized for specific applications. There are also many distinct measurements of sprockets, which will rely on the quantity of torque they must exert. If you require to decide on a sprocket with an ANSI variety, you should choose the 1 particular that satisfies the precise needs of your machine. Chains and sprockets are manufactured of substantial-high quality resources and are concluded to exact dimensional tolerances.

Metallic sprockets have various designs and can be employed for each sorts of applications. Metal split sprockets are effortless to set up and take away. They can also be manufactured of aluminum. Steel break up sprockets are generally produced from 304-quality stainless metal. Stainless metal sprockets are available for incredibly corrosive environments.

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Extra info

Choosing a drive chain for a belt conveyor

The drive chain is used to move heavy objects on the conveyor chain. Chains are magnetic, antistatic, high temperature, or chemical resistant, depending on the application. These types of drive chains are used in many different industries. A common machine that uses this type of drive is a chain hoist. Chain hoists are designed to lift heavy loads with minimal effort. Chains are often used to transport heavy loads.

roller chain

Whether using a roller chain as a drive chain or a belt conveyor can be tricky. Whether it’s a small low-speed drive with manual lubrication or a high-speed pump-lubricated drive with multiple sprockets, there are several factors to consider when choosing a roller chain. First, you need to consider motor horsepower and rpm. The speed of the motor determines how much chain you need. For example, if you are using a low-speed drive, you will need to choose a low-pitch, high-pitch chain. Another thing to consider is chain length – ideally, you can go for an even number of sprockets and chains, but never go smaller.
The lubrication system is also important because the lubrication system must be able to deliver enough oil. The type of oil used to lubricate a chain depends on its operating environment, temperature and speed. Wear is caused by pressure on the bearing, angular sliding of the pins, and rotation of the rollers. There are 5 different types of lubrication methods available, depending on the system used. A high-quality carbon steel chain is a major advantage when operating at high temperatures, as it can withstand higher temperatures.
The materials of construction for roller chains vary by application. Typically, the most common materials are steel and stainless steel, but sometimes alloy steels are used in food processing machinery that may have lubrication problems. Nylon and brass are also sometimes used. Some industries require heavy-duty chains. If you need an extremely heavy chain, you may want to consider a heavy-duty roller chain. If you are not sure which type of chain is best for your application, consult an industry expert.
Unlike other chains, roller chains are more efficient from a size and weight perspective. While solution chains are useful in some situations, drive chains are more effective for dirty work and slipping on tracks. They are commonly used in construction and manufacturing. There are other advantages to using a drive chain. They are generally stronger than belts, which is a huge benefit. So, if you’re wondering which is better, here are them:

Multi-strand roller chain

The multi-strand roller chains for drive chains market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the forecast period. Market reports cover product demand, supply, and cost. The report covers the global market including company profiles, product details, and contact information of key players. It also takes into account the revenue generated by different application areas. The report contains 159 pages of useful information and data. It is an essential tool for anyone involved in drive chain manufacturing.
The essential characteristics of multi-strand chains are their power ratings and allowable bearing area pressures. Power rating is an important characteristic that determines the chain’s ability to transmit a specific load. Typically, multi-strand chains are rated in the range of 12,000 watts per strand. However, their capabilities are limited by link plate fatigue, roller impact fatigue, and wear between pins and bushings.
Energy Series chains are ideal for high-speed and high shock load applications. The chain is designed to provide reliable power and withstand the rigors of the oil and gas industry. It uses high-strength steel and double-coated rolls. These chains come in different lengths and come in 2 types: single-strand and multi-strand. It is best to consult a professional to find out which chain best suits your needs.
The global multi-strand roller chains market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during the forecast period. From 2011 to 2019, the industry is expected to grow by nearly 6%. However, the outlook for this market is not optimistic, with some companies experiencing negative growth over the past year. Nonetheless, slowing global economic growth and tightening COVID-19 regulations are likely to hinder the market growth.
Although requirements vary by application, it must be remembered that the load on a multi-strand roller chain must not be greater than 1/9 or 1/6 of the 10sile strength of the chain. If the load exceeds this threshold, the chainplates will fatigue. This is the main reason why roller chains are expensive. However, this is not always the case. Multi-strand roller chains are a great idea if you are looking for an affordable and reliable drive chain.

double chain

If you’re looking for an industrial-grade drive chain, you’ve probably considered a double chain. The chain meshes with the sprockets on either side of the gears. It comes in different styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The CZPT duplex series has twice the power capacity of standard SC duplex chains. This type of chain is usually best for new applications. On the other hand, SC double chain chains are the cheapest but have less weight and power capacity.
Another option is a triple drive chain. This type of drive chain has an additional row of plates and contains 3 sprockets. Its unique design reduces the weight and impact velocity of the timing chain. It is usually used in automotive applications. It is ideal for low to medium-load timing applications. It is also available in acoustically optimized versions. Three-quarter inch pitch double chain chains are widely used in gasoline engine aids and timing drives.

flat top chain

High friction rubber is usually installed on the top or bottom of a flat top drive chain to improve its high friction surface and prevent interference during side bend conveying. The chain plate can be customized with thin rubber layer or thick elastic polyurethane rubber according to customer requirements. In addition to providing high friction, the flat top chain also provides excellent anti-slip properties for glass bottles.
Premium steel flat top chain with high quality surface finish and excellent wear resistance. They have a high level of noise reduction and can be used in heavy duty conveying applications. These chains are available in a variety of alloys such as stainless steel or aluminum. Some models are designed to be very rugged and last longer. Aluminum and galvanized steel chains are popular choices for these chains.
Flat Top Drive Chain Conveyors are versatile and come in an endless combination of configurations. Drives can be connected end-to-end to form long conveyor lines, while side-curved flat-top chains are versatile enough to handle tandem, serpentine or carousel configurations. Standard and heavy duty models are also available. Flat top chains can be used in many different applications including food, beverages and other commodities.
Standard flat top chains are usually rectangular or L-shaped and designed for use on straight conveyors. In some cases, space constraints may require a U-shaped or rectangular conveyor line. For smoother conveying, side-curved flat-top chains can be used. These chains are paired with regular rectangular chain plates and tall pins for high load capacity. They come in different widths, including multi-strand chains.