China wholesaler CZPT Skid Chain, 11series with Free Design Custom

Item Description

Included TRACTION                                             ·RECOMMENDED FOR Class “S” Autos
·ALL STELL CONSTRUCTION                                      · PACKED Four PAIR Per Master CARTON

TIRE Dimensions Stock No. Weight
per Pair
Replacement Cross
Chain Stock No.
Cross Chain
For every 1/2 Pair
twelve”&13″ Rims fourteen” Rims fifteen” & Other Rims
145R-12  P145/80R-twelve
P165/70R-12  135R-thirteen
    1110   5414 nine
155R-12  P175/70R-twelve
145R-13  P145/80R-13
155R-13  P155/70R-13
P155/80R-13  160R-13
P165/60R-13  P165/65R-13
P165/70R-13  one hundred seventy five/60R-13
P145/70R-14  one hundred sixty five/65R-14   1114   10
165R-13  P165/80R-13
P175/70R-13  P175/75R-13
a hundred sixty five/70R-14  P165/75R-fourteen
P175/60R-14  P175/65R/14
135R-15  145R-fifteen
P145/70R-15  P145/80R-15
P155/70R-15  P165/70R-360
1118   11
175R-13  P175/80R-thirteen
165R-14  175R-14
P175/75R-14  P175/80R-14
155R-15  P155/80R-fifteen
165R-15  P165/80R-fifteen
P175/70R-15  P180/65R-fifteen
1122   twelve
185R-13  P195/60R-13
P195/70R-13  P205/60R-thirteen
P205/70R-13  P215/50R-thirteen
P175/70R-14  P185/60R-14
P185/65R-14  P195/60R-fourteen
P195/65R-14  205/55R-fourteen
185/55R-15  P185/60R-fifteen
P185/65R-15  P195/50R-15
P185/65R-365  P180/65R-390
1126   5419 eleven
P185/85R-13  195R-13
P195/75R-13  P215/65R-thirteen
185R-14  P185/75R-14
P195/70R-14  P195/75R-fourteen
P205/60R-14  P205/70R-fourteen
P215/60R-14  P225/60R-14
175R-15  P185/70R-15
P195/55R-15  P195/60R-fifteen
P195/65R-15  P195/70R-15
P205/50R-15  P215/50R-15
P225/65R-15  P195/50ZR-16
P205/60ZR-16  P185/70R-365
1130   12
P235/50R-13  P245/50R-thirteen 195R-14  205R-14
P205/75R-14  P215/65R-14
P215/70R-14  P215/75R-14
P225/65R-14  P235/60R-fourteen
185R-15  P195/75R-fifteen
P205/55R-15  P205/60R-fifteen
P205/65R-15  P205/70R-15
P215/60R-15  P215/65R-fifteen
P225/50R-15  P225/55R-fifteen
185/70R-15.5  P205/50R-sixteen
P205/55ZR-16  P215/55R-sixteen
P215/60ZR-16  P225/45R-sixteen
P235/55R-16  P205/45ZR-seventeen
P205/50ZR-17  P215/45R-seventeen
1134   5420 12
  215R-14  225R-fourteen
P225/70R-14  P225/75R-14
P235/70R-14  P245/60R-14
P255/55R-14  P265/50R-fourteen
205R-15  P215/70R-fifteen
P215/75R-15  P225/60R-fifteen
P225/70R-15  P225/75R-fifteen
P235/60R-15  P235/65R-15
P245/50R-15  P205R-sixteen
P205/65R-16  P215/55R-16
P215/65R-16  P225/55R-sixteen
P225/60ZR-16  P235/50R-16
P265/75R-16  P245/40ZR-17
P245/45ZR-17  P220/65R-390
1138   thirteen
  P245/70R-14  P265/60R-14
215R-15  225R-15
P225/80R-15  230R-fifteen
235R-15  P235/70R-fifteen
P235/75R-15  P245/60R-15
P255/55R-15  P255/60R-15
P255/65R-15  P265/50R-15
P265/60R-15  P275/50R-fifteen
P245/50ZR-16  P255/50ZR-16
P255/45ZR-17  P285/35ZR-seventeen
1142   5422 13

Right here are some advantages of chain drives over belt and gear drives: They can be utilised for long and quick distances. A number of axles, are pushed by chains. They are compact and have a modest general dimensions, so even in the occasion of a fire, you will not likely knowledge any bad issues. Temperature and ambient problems do not impact its operation. Chain drives do not require original tension. They are really effective (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep throughout transmission, guaranteeing a excellent gear ratio. Chain drive, effortless to set up. Chain drives are minimal upkeep, endure abrasive conditions and operate in damp situations
Whether or not you are constructing from scratch or updating an present venture, finding the correct dimensions for your roller chain is a critical first determination. To accurately evaluate a roller chain, you want to know the total width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and top.

China wholesaler CZPT Skid Chain, 11series     with Free Design Custom