Metal Flat Strip Transmission Wire Mesh Belt

Metal Flat Strip Transmission Wire Mesh Belt

Flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt

It is also acknowledged as trapezoidal mesh belt. Stainless steel flat flex mesh belt is created by mesh belt of top hardness via a specific mildew urgent, the edge can also be driven by the chain.

 Material: Mainly adopts stainless metal wire of stainless steel 202, stainless metal 304, stainless metal 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

 Features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent air flow functionality, uniform rigidity, wonderful workmanship, flexible rotation, good security, resistance to strain, lengthy daily life and so on, width is fro 100mm-3500mm, usually with a equipment wheel generate

Specification for flat flex wire belt:

Type Wire diameter Strands/foot Pitch Open up area Belt load / sq. ft (max) Belt edge
RNCB-1 .035″ 72 1/eight” 77% 5 pounds Single / double loop edge
RNCB-2 .05″ seventy two one/8″ sixty seven.five% 1.5 lbs Solitary loop edge
RNCB-3 .035″ fifty three 1/4″ eighty two.5% .35 pound Solitary / double loop edge
RNCB-4 .05″ 27 1/2″ 86% .seventy five pound Single / double loop edge
RNCB-5 .05″ forty eight one/4″ seventy seven.5% 1 pound Solitary / double loop edge
RNCB-six .05″ 42 three/eight” 80% 1 pound Single / double / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-seven .062″ 42 3/eight” 75% two.twenty five pound One / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-eight .082″ 32 three/8″ 75% 10 pounds Solitary / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-nine .072″ 24 1/2″ eighty two% 6 lbs . Single / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-ten .092″ 24 1/two” seventy eight% 10 lbs . Solitary / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-11 .092″ 15 three/4″ eighty five% eight lbs Single / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-twelve .062″ 42 3/eight” 71% 3.5 pounds Single / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-13 .082″ 32 3/eight” sixty seven% 15 lbs . Solitary / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-fourteen .072″ 24 1/two” 74% thirteen.eight lbs Single / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-fifteen .072″ 32 three/8″ 71% 15 pounds Single / C-shaped loop edge


You should notice below Parameters showed on the following picturewhen you inquire for a quotation:


one. Length and Width of General Belts

2. Heart Pitch and Pitch

3. Loop Width and Wire Diameter

4. Solitary Loop Edge or CZPT Loop Edges

five. Content

Software: widely used in the electronics market, the solidification of the circuit board, strong fusion, drying, reflow soldering. Cap business of plastic drying for chocolate, biscuits, fish baked, frozen and dry, with B community edge can be employed in food sector chain drive

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Metal Flat Strip Transmission Wire Mesh Belt